Sunday, January 25, 2009

Gancia Asti NV

Asti. I'd never had this before, and the reason I bought it was to match with our dinner host's dessert, which was lemon cheesecake. So dessert rolls around, and when we go to open the bottle there were various snickers around the table. "Asti? You mean Nasty...hahahha", etc, etc. I guess it has a reputation as being a cheap, sweet fizz that isn't to be taken seriously.

This is actually an Asti Spumante, which I guess someone took seriously enough to elevate to DOCG status in order to differentiate it from the nasty cheap wines that it gets confused with. It's made primarily with the Moscato (or Muscat) grape, and it is sweet and low in alcohol. It is perfect for things like...lemon cheesecake, or probably any fruit-based dessert.

Fashionable? Probably not, but who cares? These types of wines have their time and place.

Asti Spumante NV DOCG
Piedmont, Italy

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