Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Peter Lehmann Barossa Tempranillo 2006

Tempranillo is the main red grape of Rioja, so naturally it should grow well in the Australia's Barossa Valley, apparently. I've had a Peter Lehmann wine once before (a Shiraz) and thought it was pretty good, so I took their word for it and picked up a bottle of this from Waitrose.

Being from the Barossa Valley, it tastes like kind of what you'd expect it to taste like: a cross between a Shiraz and a Rioja. These Barossa wines are all about in-your-face fruit, and this doesn't disappoint. There is not much left over though, and you are left wondering if the wine could have had a bit more substance to it. Oh well, these types of wines are great for drinking on their own, so I'll leave them to it.

Peter Lehmann
Barossa Tempranillo 2006
Barossa Valley, Australia
£6.36 (£8.49)

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