Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Boekenhoutskloof Porcupine Ridge Syrah 2007

This month's issue of Decanter featured a South African Syrah tasting. Conveniently Porcupine Ridge, the winner of the "Best Value" award, is available at my local Waitrose.

I was very keen to try this, as I've been meaning to try more South African wines. This particular wine was very deserving of the Best Value award, at only £6.99. Most of the other wines were well over £10. I enjoyed it as well, it has some peculiar aromas and flavours - notably burnt rubber or wood, and I'm not sure if this is characteristic of the grape, the country, or the oak. I've heard cases for all three, especially the country. However, it's not at all unpleasant, and on the palate disappears into a deep, complex fruity mouthful. Good stuff.

Porcupine Ridge Syrah 2007
Franschhoek, South Africa

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