Monday, March 16, 2009

Domaine Pouderoux Vendange Mise Tardive Maury 2003

Maury is an appellation in the Roussillon region of France specializing in a Port-like fortified red wine. This wine is called "Vin Doux Naturel" and is in fact very similar to Port, the main difference being the strength and volume of grape spirit added in order to halt fermentation. The Wine Doctor has a good article on it here.

Maury, in particular, is supposed to be the wine to have with chocolate, if you're into that sort of thing. So that's what we did. Was it any good? I guess it was OK. It didn't really strike me as a magical flavour combination, but it was good enough.

It's recommended on the bottle that the wine be served at a temperature of 12 - 14 degrees Celsius. I may have had it a bit too cold, because I felt that the low temperature actually masked the flavour of the wine, and I appreciated it more when it warmed up to room temperature.

The wine itself reminded me of a non-vintage or LBV Port. I don't drink a lot of this type of wine, so it would be difficult for me to compare the two, but the Maury is perhaps a bit sweeter and lower in alcohol (15.5% compared to 20% for Port).

All in all a decent bottle, and despite what I said earlier, it is a solution to the "what wine do you serve with chocolate" conundrum.

Vendange Mise Tardive Maury 2003
Roussillon, France

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