Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Barbadillo Manzanilla Sherry

I was looking for a wine to match with smoked salmon, which we were serving as an appetizer for Easter dinner, and a Google search came up with Manzanilla sherry.  Being a sherry fan, I didn't need to look any further.  However I also decided to serve a Chardonnay, suspecting that not everyone would be into the sherry.

Manzanilla sherry is a dry sherry produced around the city of SanlĂșcar, Spain.  It is similar to Fino sherry, which is produced around Jerez.

It is very dry, with a strong, sharp flavour.  I'm not convinced it was the ultimate match for the salmon, but it was good enough.  This type of sherry is a great food-matcher, and I'm struggling to think of anything it wouldn't go with.  That said, I didn't particularly enjoy the combination that much - I think I would have preferred something a bit softer (like the Chardonnay!).

Manzanilla Sherry
SanlĂșcar, Spain

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