Sunday, August 23, 2009

Brian Barry Juds Hill Riesling 2004

I went back to El Vino and bought a bunch more of the 2002 Brian Barry Riesling - but at the same time I bought a bottle of the 2004 to try.

This was like a different wine almost - it was what I would call a typical Clare Valley Riesling. Only a slight whiff of petrol on the nose, along with typical apple and citrus notes. On the palate it was fairly light and spritzy with good bit of acidity. Not as concentrated, intense or as long as the 2002.

For what it's worth we tried another bottle of the 2002 - and I had a different experience with it time. It seemed a lot more palatable - less petrol and more fruit. Either way the 2002 is the bargain of the century - I spent £31 and came out with 7 bottles of good Riesling.

Juds Hill Riesling 2004
Clare Valley, Australia

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