Sunday, September 13, 2009

Les Petits Buis Givry 2006

I have to admit that Burgundy reds are somewhat of a gaping hole in my wine experience... please don't shoot me. Perhaps its that I just got too hooked on Bordeaux wines and neglected this region. Anyway, I approached this wine with an open and unbiased mind.

Givry is located in the Cote Chalonnaise region of Burgundy and predominantly uses Pinot Noir. Certainly the appearance of this wine was classic pinot... a light plum red colour. Its nose is extremely fragrant and enticing, with vanilla and cherry tones and hints of spice. The taste by contrast, was not as fruity as I expected. I would put it much more at the 'herby' end of things, although sour cherries factored in later on. So all in all, a very pleasant wine but perhaps not quite what I expected. I have to say that after decanting and a few hours it opened up and the cherries became more pronounced. Earlier on it was just a bit too sour for me though... Still, a good bottle and not bad for the price.

Cave De Buxy
Les Petits Buis Givry 2006
Givry AOC, Burgundy, France
Majestic (Vinopolis)

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