Thursday, October 29, 2009

Malcolm Creek Chardonnay 1999

Here's another bin-end from El Vino. This time it's a 10 year old Chardonnay from Australia.

El Vino is currently selling the 2001 vintage of this wine for £13.50, which means the 1999 here has been relegated to the bargain bin. If the 2001 is worthy to sell, surely the 1999 can't be too far behind? And for £3.95...

The wine is gorgeous. A deep yellow gold colour in the glass shows its age. On the nose though is where the quality shows, with intense, rich aromas of melon and caramel. The palate shows similar characteristics, along with some vanilla and a lingering, nutty finish.

I guess this is near the end of its life-span, but it's by no means over the hill. It's definitely showing secondary characteristics brought on by bottle age, but the fruit character is still strong and pronounced.

The odd thing about these bin-ends at El Vino is they put them in the front window with a sign on them saying 'Cooking Wine'. When I asked about this, they just told me that they were bin ends. Who on earth would want to buy a wine labelled 'Cooking Wine'? Why not just call them 'bin ends'? My only guess is that they can't guarantee the quality, and I suppose that's fair enough because some of the bottles may have gone off, but at £3.95 who cares?

Anyway, this stuff isn't exactly flying off the shelves and I'm happy about that - it means I can buy it all!

Chardonnay 1999
Adelaide Hills, Australia
El Vino
£3.95 (bin end. 2001 currently selling for £13.50)

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