Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Chalone Vineyard Pinot Noir 2008

I think this is actually my first California Pinot Noir. It's on an introductory offer at Waitrose (until Dec. 1st), and seemed like an interesting wine to try.

It doesn't taste anything like I expected. I was expecting a New World style Pinot, like something you'd get from Australia or Chile. But what I tasted didn't even taste like Pinot Noir. It tastes more like a fruity, jammy, south-of-France red, only sweeter.

It's not bad though - it has some good fruit and concentration and a bit of a gravelly finish, but it's just not what I expected. Perhaps I shouldn't have had any expectations. Pinot Noir is a particular grape though, and is usually in a class of its own (not necessarily quality-wise, but character-wise). To not really see this character expressed is strange. Like I said the wine is pleasant though, but may be suited more to fans of sweet, fruity reds than classic Pinot Noir.

Pinot Noir 2008
Monterey County, California, USA
Waitrose Wine Direct
£7.82 (£10.44)

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