Sunday, February 7, 2010

Craggy Range Merlot 2007

This Merlot comes from the Gimblett Gravels appellation in Hawkes Bay, on New Zealand's north island. Gimblett Gravels is interesting as it possesses a unique terroir that is ideal for producing Bordeaux varieties.

It tastes like a serious wine indeed. Concentrated fruit, very good depth and long gravelly finish. Good tannins. There is some spiciness to the fruit, and the wine struck some of the others as alcoholic (it was 14.5%). It didn't bother me - I felt it was balanced.

Currently this is under £10 on offer. A great choice if you feel like a step up from your everyday wine.

Jamie Goode has excellent write-ups of Gimblett Gravels here, and Craggy Range here and here - well worth a read.

Merlot 2008
Gimblett Gravels, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand
£9.11 (20% off)

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  1. On a recent trip to England...I picked up a bottle of this....the boy done good I guess....looking forward to trying it