Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Isla Negra Reserva Merlot Rosé 2008

I first tried this at a café in Battersea park. I think it was last summer, but it may have been the one before that. It stuck in my mind, I remembered it. I thought it was strange that I liked a Chilean rosé so much. Usually I drink French rosé - Australian rosé is generally horrible, and unless you want to pay £10 - £12 for Pinot Noir rosés from New Zealand, France is my best option.

This is of the darker red style, one I usually don't really like. However it has a very tasty fruit character, with none of the oily bitterness that seems to accompany this style. I won't over-complicate things - it's just really tasty. The price is weird - £9? I got it for half-price, and I'd say that's a good deal. I'd pay £6 for it, but £9 is too much.

Reserva Merlot Rosé 2008
Central Valley, Chile
£4.49 (£8.99)

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