Saturday, May 15, 2010

Chiltern Valley Sparkling Wine NV

I visited this winery during a recent visit to Henley-on-Thames. Went to the shop, tasted some wines, and bought some.

I think this sparkling wine is made from Seyval Blanc, but I can't verify that because it doesn't say on the bottle or the website. I'm pretty sure it's not Champagne varieties.

No nose to speak of (not really an issue), very bubbly - coarse bubbles. Noticeable tartaric acid deposit. Dominant flavour of Elder flowers. Very dry, bitter finish. I didn't enjoy it. It lacked the tart acidity most English wines have, but the bitterness put me off.

Sparkling Wine NV
Chiltern Valley, Henley-on-Thames, England

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  1. We saw a sign for this winery coming back from the Cotswolds on Sunday – we didn't stop.