Saturday, May 15, 2010

Louis Jadot Meursualt 2007

Sainsbury's has come up with the deal of the year. This wine normally goes for about £25, and it's on for half-price. That's not inflated either - this is proper wine.

Everything adds up here, almost. Louis Jadot is a good name. 2007 was a good vintage. It's a Meursault.

We loved it - slightly buttery (unsalted apparently), long, good acid. Would like to drink this stuff all the time. Great at £12. Wouldn't pay £25 - I think it's over-priced. I have had new-world Chardonnays for much less that I'm happy with. That's what this stuff costs though - deal with it.

Meursault 2007
Burgundy, France
~£12 (~£25)


  1. '…deal with it'?

    It's only a bottle of wine.

  2. Charlie,

    Welcome to the blog.

    These notes are mostly musings to myself. I get passionate about wine to the point where perhaps I get irrational. If you're a wine lover, which you must be if you're reading this blog, do you not get the same way?

    Have you tried this wine? I'd be interested in your opinion...


  3. That was a very well written review Tim - i'm about to try the Vidal Riesling that is for sale at my local store just down the road. They sell a remarkable amount of variety - just had a bottle of Knappstein 'Three' for £9 that was very, very good.