Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sainsbury's Taste the Difference Malbec 2008

During one of our recent tasting club evenings, we were discussing themes for future events. Someone mentioned Malbec, and I pompously dismissed it as plonky. You see, I've had too many plonky Malbecs, and Argentine Malbec seems to be one of those wines that non-wine lovers like, so how can it be any good?

I was at Sainsbury's on the weekend looking for something that would go with a BBQ. I have to say, Sainsbury's wine selection is going, or has gone, straight downhill, at least in my local newly-revamped branch. It's so mediocre that it took me 10 minutes to decide what to buy, and I settled on this Malbec. The reasons I did buy this are all clichés - Malbec is good with BBQ, cheap (2 for £10), fancy, heavy bottle, etc. The one reason that's not cliché is that it is a Taste the Difference wine, and I think TTD wines are usually good quality.

In this case I was right. I was frankly surprised at how good this was. Sure, it's oaky and high in alcohol, but it also has quite good depth and complexity. My teeth were fuzzy by the end of the bottle due to the pronounced but welcome tannins. It also has a nice, gravelly finish. The oak, acid, tannin and fruit are so strong that I wonder if a couple of years of bottle age wouldn't go amiss. Not necessary mind you - this is the style.

Taste the Difference Malbec 2008
Mendoza, Argentina
2 for £5 (£6.99)

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  1. I drink a lot of argentinian Malbecs but i adore & drink a lot of Pinot Noirs,Merlots,Cabernet Sauvs or Gruner im NON-wine lover only because i like my malbecs?