Monday, November 29, 2010

More Naked and Virgin Wines

I didn't get to spend as much time evaluating these wines as I would have liked. Miriam had some guests over on Friday night, and being short of 'party wine' we had to raid the wine rack, and among all I had on hand were these samples from Virgin and Naked Wines.

So I will be brief. The Grasshopper Rock Pinot (£17.49) was a typical NZ Pinot, rich and fruity. Pricey at £17.49 though, and I don't like this style of Pinot enough to warrant a purchase, and that's just pure preference on my part.

La Livineire Minervois 2008 (£11.99) from Benjamin Darnault was interesting. I served it too cold - my wine rack is in the kitchen of our currently rented house, and it's freezing. Anyone living in the UK knows what I mean with the weather the way it is now. Anyway, it was muted at first because of the low temperature, but after a while it opened up with notes of violets. It definitely had some depth and character, and is one that I'd like to try again.

From Virgin Wines, CuvĂ©e Les Trois Merles Cabernet Franc (£7.99) was the one that got the least attention from me, because it was 1:30 AM and I was dying to go to bed. I have no idea where in France the wine was made, thanks to there being no information on the bottle or the Virgin Wines website. I will say though that it had a bit of structure to it, and didn't seem like the light, fruity summery reds like you get from the Loire Valley.

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