Sunday, December 4, 2011

Vinya Carles Priorat Crianza 2007

With the holiday season upon us LIDL tends to come up with the odd special, whether it's frozen moose meat, entire geese, 3-bird roasts or windshield-wiper fluid, it's usually good value. The wine is no exception.

Priorat has a reputation for upmarket, complex wines. I've never seen one less than £12, which in itself is arguably good value for a quality wine. To see one for £5.99 is intriguing to say the least.

The wine itself is not bad at all. Not a world-beater, but pretty good. Depth, complexity, and fruit were all there. The funny thing with these LIDL wines is you're expecting them to be terrible, and they're not. Some of them actually do reflect their price tag, but this certainly doesn't. My local LIDL has sold out of this already, but if yours hasn't I suggest you snap some up.

Vinya Carles
Priorat Crianza 2007
Catalonia, Spain


  1. Just tried the Crianza 2008, delicious and not bad for 3.99 Euros.

  2. its 5,99 euro.. never seen it for 3,99.

    1. Took 6 on a trolley dash in Lidl's in Torrevieja, Alicant,. Spain. Lovely stuff, I'll be buying more. Thank's Lidl.

  3. Lidl can be a gem sometimes. There's some great 'mulled wine from home' style packs you can buy in the winter and of course, sangria recipe's in the summer.

    All for under a tenner :)