Saturday, November 15, 2008

Carte Noir Cahors 2006

This wine was obtained from Tesco for something like £2.80 a bottle. It's a Cahors, which to generalize, is French Malbec (as opposed to the more well-known Argentinean version).

Cahors is currently out of fashion. I'm not sure why. I think I've read about it, but I've forgot. I suspect it's because of wines like this. That's not really fair actually. There are plenty of French wines like this that cost a lot more.

I have to be honest. Everyone hated this wine. I did open it at a bad time though, because I was gagging to try it. I opened it after we'd eaten, late at night, and it went over like a lead balloon. I understand why, it's not terribly fruity, it's acidic and it's just not much fun. But I would be perfectly happy to sip it with my beef stew on a cold winter evening, or whittle away on a glass as I played my guitar, even if it took all night.

But only because it cost £2.80.

I think this is produced by a co-op. Reunis.

Carte Noir Cahors 2007
Cahors, France
< £3

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