Thursday, November 6, 2008

Masseria Monaci Eloquenzia Copertino 2004

"Very Italian". "Rustic". "A food wine". Any of these cliches could describe this wine. They are all very true, but it doesn't mean this isn't a good wine. It's a pretty good wine, actually.

Made in southern Italy from the Negroamaro grape, this exhibits a bit of a mushroomy aroma and flavour, which I find indicative of Italian wines. A bit of time in the glass and a bite of food and the cherry flavours and tannins will mix wonderfully.

It's not something that you'd sit around and sip at a party, but taken with food you feel like you are sitting outside a farmhouse somewhere in rural Italy with an eldery Italian couple serving you antipasti. Or something like that.

Masseria Monaci
Eloquenzia Copertino DOC 2004
Apulia, Italy
The Wine Society

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  1. Just had a bottle for dinner with pasts. I would rate this higher; it is more complex and has an extraordinary peppary fullness;4