Sunday, January 18, 2009

Tesco Finest Cremant d'Alsace Riesling 2005

This wine is interesting for a number of reasons:
  • It's a non-champagne region French sparkling wine
  • It's from Alsace
  • It's 100% Riesling, which is rare for sparkling wines
  • It's a vintage wine (2005)
  • It's well priced (£8.99)
So how was it? I thought it was a bit strange actually, although not in a bad way. It tasted different from most other sparkling wines. I thought I could get a bit of an oak taste from it, or even that peat flavour you get in some Scotch whiskies.

It's made for Tesco by a winery called Kuehn. I couldn't find out much about them from my half-assed Google search, except that they've been making wine since 1678, so presumably they know what they're doing.

I'd like to try this again at some point, and for £8.99 it's a safe bet I will.

Tesco Finest Cremant d'Alsace Riesling 2005
Cremant d'Alsace AC, Alsace, France

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