Saturday, January 24, 2009

Waitrose Reserve Shiraz, St Hallett 2006

I first tried this wine a couple of months ago, but for some reason didn't blog about it. I think I wasn't too impressed, or maybe it was because we tried it after a couple of other wines and couldn't really form a proper impression about it.

This own-label red is made by respected producer St. Hallett. It is a fine example of Barossa Shiraz at its, fruity, oaky and alcoholic. This is the kind of wine that (I think) is perfect to drink on its own. Why do you need food when you can taste wood, berries, and spice in the wine? Saying that, we had it with steak and it was fine with that as well.

I think this is what Australia does best. Look out for this on offer...I think when I had it the first time is was £5.99, which is very good value.

St. Hallett Barossa Shiraz

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