Wednesday, April 15, 2009

O Fournier Urban Malbec 2007

This may be too little too late for this post.  I had bought this wine from Oddbins because I had a 20% off Argentina wines voucher, and the shop assistant chose this for me, saying it was the best one they had for that price (£6.99).

Unfortunately, I was greeted with the sight of this bottle, opened and uncovered, on the kitchen counter on Easter Monday morning.  Someone had opened it late the night before, had a glass, and forgotten to seal it.  In a panic I shoved a seal into the top of the bottle.

I still tried it later on though, and it was a very rich, full, grapey, almost port-like wine.  I'm not sure if the grapey character was a result of it being left open all night, or was just an indication of its concentrated fruit-flavours.  Either way, it seemed pretty impressive.

I stopped by Oddbins tonight hoping to get another bottle but they were sold out and weren't expecting any in for "a few weeks".  Crap.

O Fournier is one of the names I always see mentioned as being a top producer in Argentina, and I didn't realise they produced this wine until I inspected the fine print on the label on the back of the bottle.  I'll leave it to one of the experts, Jancis Robinson, to fill you in a little more about this wine.

Urban Malbec 2007
Uco Valley, Mendoza, Argentina

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