Saturday, April 18, 2009

Torres Vina Esmeralda 2008

I thought this sounded like an interesting wine. A Spanish blend made mostly from "Moscatel de Alejandria" (Muscat of Alexandria), a grape used for table grapes and raisins, and a little bit (15%) of Gewurztraminer.

I didn't think it tasted as interesting as it sounded though. It was what I would call a typical summer white, although perhaps a more sophisticated pub wine. It has the requisite tropical fruit, pear and pineapple flavours, but there is a hint of the Gewurztraminer, a barely detectable hint of that floral, lychee aroma and flavour.

I can't remember the exact price I paid, but it was something around five and a half pounds on offer, at 20% off. I didn't like it enough to pay full price though, there are other wines I'd rather drink outdoors on a hot day. But that's just my opinion, and it's not a bad wine at all.

Vina Esmeralda
Catalunya, Spain
~£5.50 (£8)

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