Monday, April 20, 2009

Tesco Finest San Juan Shiraz 2007

A friend of mine has encouraged me to try more Argentine wines.  I've had a couple recently, and overall the impression  I get is a good one.  This particular one is a Shiraz from the San Juan province.

I've said before I don't really like Rhone wines that much (bear with me), and perhaps I'm just not a Syrah fan.  For the record, Syrah and Shiraz are the same grape.  Traditionally it's called the former in France and the latter in Australia, but now the two terms are used globally, and I think the style the producer is trying to emulate (or the target market) decides what name to use.

It's always interesting to learn what you like and dislike about different wines, and why.  It's starting to look like I only really appreciate Shiraz when it's from Australia, particularly the Barossa Valley.  This wine (despite the Shiraz tag) reminds me more of a Rhone wine.  It's leaner and less fruity than a Barossa Shiraz, and I thought it had a bit of a woody aftertaste.   It also had a very high alcohol content (14.5%), which seemed a bit out of whack.

Tesco Finest San Juan Shiraz 2007
San Juan, Argentina
£5.99 (from around £8)

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