Sunday, May 17, 2009

Cave de Turckheim "Brand" Gewurztraminer Grand Cru 2005

This wine is fabulous.  We had it the other night with Fushsia Dunlop's General Tso's chicken.  Fuchsia is one of my personal cooking heroes.

I am going to break from tradition a bit here and use my dinner companion's tasting notes, as they are far more descriptive that anything I could come up with.  I think I'm pretty good at gauging whether a wine is good or not.  As for picking out individual flavours and things, well there are other more talented people than me.

"Fresh cut, under ripe cantaloupe melon, that is still a bit green", (I think these apply to the nose), and  "honeysuckle".  As for the palate, I can chip in with this:  this is a Grand Cru wine, so imagine a "normal" Gewurz and triple the concentration.  It's like drinking flower juice, with a bit of an oily texture.  My  dinner companions reckoned it had a bit of residual sugar, but I think they are mistaking aromatics for sugar, which is easy to do with Alsatian wine.  I felt it was quite dry, although I could well be dead wrong about the sugar part.

As for the finish - "white raisin", "slightly burnt caramel - like when you make it at home and leave it on the heat just a minute too long", "bitter" and "apricot".  Sounds about right, except I've never made caramel at home before.  By the way, Duncan is single and his number is....

I got this from a shop by Clapham Junction called The Grape Shop.  A few comments about it in a previous post here.  

Overall a fantastic wine and great bargain.  The Grape Shop also stocks a Grand Cru Reisling from the same producer.  It's pretty safe to say I'm going to be buying it.

"Brand" Gerwuztraminer Grand Cru 2005
Alsace, France
The Grape Shop

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