Sunday, June 28, 2009

Chateau de Sours Rosé 2008

If Carlsberg made rosé...

For whatever reason, this rosé has garnered the praise of the late writer Auberon Waugh. I don't really know anything about him, so I'm not going to pretend to. However his words are immortalized on the back label of this wine: "Probably the best rosé in the world."

I started buying this wine 2 years ago, and felt that it was pretty decent then. This summer (2009) however, I've been sampling a lot of different rosés. Some are boring, some are too red, and some are too expensive. This still tastes great, and perhaps this is a good wine to help all you Merlot-hating Sideways fans remember that this grape deserves its reputation. Actually, maybe Pomerol or St. Emilion would be better for that, but this is a start.

Rosé 2008
Bordeaux, France
£6.99 (£8.99)

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