Sunday, July 19, 2009

Wild Earth Pinot Noir 2006

This is a wine I wouldn't normally drink, which is the whole point. What I mean is, a friend of mine offered to do a "wine swap" - that is trade something of his that I wouldn't normally try, for something he wouldn't normally try.

My experiences with Pinot Noir are well documented on this site. In a nutshell, there are few affordable New World examples that I enjoy. However, when you start to get to the level of quality that Wild Earth offers, things start to change.

This wine has a piercing aroma, recognizable strawberry fruit, good concentration and decent length. There is some oakiness too. Perhaps a couple more years it the bottle? All in all though, a very good wine. It still has some rough edges though which I think is what Pinot fans love. Sticks and forests - that type of thing. It does have some elegance however and that plus the overall concentration and quality makes it a winner.

Pinot Noir 2006
Central Otago, New Zealand
£15 - £17

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