Saturday, July 18, 2009

Mont Tauch Reserve de la Condamine Fitou 2007

I don't drink a lot of red wine these days, it being summer and all. But I made an exception tonight because we were having steak (and not just any steak, but Marks and Spencer's 21 day aged peppered rump steak). My views on steak are similar to my views on Chardonnay - I only like it when it's of high quality, and then I'll really like it.

So anyways a couple of weeks ago I saw this Fitou at Sainsbury's for the silly price of £4.49 (down from £9.99). It's from Mont Tauch, and I've tried a couple of their wines before which ranged from bleh to (probably) very good. So here was another one, so why not try it?

It's actually pretty good. It has good fruit flavours and a decent tannic grip, and none of that thin, jammy character that sometimes plagues these supermarket Languedoc wines. Actually, this is a steal, and if there's any left at my local Sainsbury's I'm buying more. At this price, it should be long gone.

Reserve de la Condamine Fitou 2007
Fitou AOC, Languedoc-Roussillon, France
£4.49 (£9.99)

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  1. Nice Review, Its a fiver at Sainsbury's right now .. till 25 May.