Sunday, August 30, 2009

Alain Grignon Cabernet Franc 2008

Oz Clarke has been tweeting about Alain Grignon recently. He likes him. I like Oz Clarke, so I usually try the wines he recommends.

Alain Grignon does a Viognier and a Cabernet Franc that are both available at Majestic. I bought both to try this weekend.

The Viognier is pretty good (post coming soon). The Cabernet Franc isn't. "Cheap wine taste" is pretty much all I can say about it. Actually no, it has a bit of tannin as well.

If anyone knows what I mean by "cheap wine taste", and can describe it in words for me, I'd be very grateful. I'm not trying to exaggerate here, but the last sip I just took made me do that shudder thing when you taste something you really don't like.

Alain Grignon
Cabernet Franc 2008
Languedoc, VdP d'Oc, France
£6.49 (£6.99)

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