Monday, August 24, 2009

Denbies Hillside Chardonnay 2006

You know, English wine is really not too bad. I'm a big believer in buying local, and would have no problem drinking English white and sparkling wines more often. Except for the price.

This goes for £13.50 on Denbies online shop, and it's just not worth the money. It's not bad - good fruit with some spicy oak. I think it's oak anyways - there is no mention of oaking on the label, or on the website. They mention that they use French and English oak, but on what products they don't say. Is this oaked? If so, it's not well integrated - the fruit and oak seem to be separated - the fruit detectable first, followed by an oaky finish.

It's better than £5 supermarket plonk, but doesn't justify its price tag.

Hillside Chardonnay 2006
Dorking, Surrey, England
£13.50 (online)

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