Sunday, August 16, 2009

Peter Lehmann Barossa Valley Chenin Blanc 2007

I've said previously that I've never had a Peter Lehmann wine I didn't like. Well, that's no longer true.

No big deal though - this is Australia's Barossa Valley, and it is hardly known for its whites. If I wanted good Chenin Blanc, I'd look to the Loire Valley in France.

This wine was in the "reduced to clear" bin at Waitrose at Clapham Junction, although that obviously didn't stop me from buying it, nor did it stop me buying some German Mosel white for £1.99....

Anyway, this isn't great. A nose reminescent of sawdust (and it's not even oak-aged), and a palate like watered-down fruit juice.

I love you Pete...but this is rubbish.

Barossa Valley Chenin Blanc 2007
Barossa Valley, Australia
£5.19 (£5.99)


  1. Hey Tim, sorry this hasn't worked out for you. You can't win them all/ I would add however that the Barossa is a great place to make white wine. Check out some of the results for Rieslings and Semillons from the London International wine and spirit competition and the Canberra International Riesling challenge also the London internatioanl wine challenge. In our opinion these 2 varieties are what we do best.

  2. Hi Ian,

    Reading that post again, it does seem a little harsh, and I did try the Chenin Blanc after two other particularly characterful wines. I'm also used to Loire Chenin Blanc (Anjou, Vouvray, etc) which is totally different than yours.

    I will definitely check out your Semillon and Riesling - I'm a big fan of both varieties and I'm already looking up where to buy them...:-)