Sunday, September 27, 2009

O'Leary Walker Polish Hill River Riesling 2008

The Polish Hill River in the Clare Valley region of Australia has a reputation for producing great Riesling. The first producer to do so was Jeffrey Grosset. I've never had his wine, but it comes highly recommended by just about everyone.

I saw this wine by boutique winery O'Leary Walker in Waitrose and decided to give it a try. It carries the Polish Hill reference in its name which is what got my attention, possibly to the chagrin of Mr. Grosset.

Anyhow, the wine is a typical Clare Valley style Riesling. It's quite dry, and has flavours and aromas of citrus, apples and pear along with a distinct tartness and crispness. I think I would prefer this to have a few years of bottle age on it. I like my Rieslings with a whiff of petrol and perhaps a hint of residual sugar. Still, it's a good wine and it seems good value as well, as the Grosset wines from the same area go for about double the price of this.

Polish Hill River Riesling 2008
Clare Valley, Australia

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