Monday, October 26, 2009

Waitrose Cotes du Rhone Villages 2008, Bag-in-Box

Anyone who thinks there is anything inherently wrong with shipping wine in a vacuum packed bag is either a snob or an ignoramus. However, usually the quality of the wine itself isn't terribly high. It can be OK, but boring. Plonk, if you will.

I tried this wine at a friend's house last year, and I thought it was above-average, even better then the bottle of CdR Villages that I had brought (by coincidence - think it was M. Chapoutier actually). Anyway, it's handy to have a boxed wine around for loads of reasons. This particular one isn't carried by my local Waitrose, and to get it online you have to buy a pack of 4, which is too much even for me, so I had the aforementioned friend pick up a box for me at his local branch.

This is the 2008 vintage, and I think the one I had sampled before was a different one, perhaps the 2007 which was an outstanding Rhone vintage. The 2008 is fruity and easy-drinking but not spectacular. At £20 it's not the cheapest bag-in-box out there, but it will be one of the better ones.

Cotes du Rhone Villages 2008 Bag-in-Box
Cotes du Rhone Villages AOC, Rhone, France

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