Sunday, November 22, 2009

Chamonix Rouge 2006

This wine was I thought was one the best under £10 bargains of a recent tasting of South African wines from The Wine Society. It's a 'Bordeaux blend' of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Malbec and Cabernet Franc.

With characteristics of sour cherries, capsicum and a bit of that South-African green rubberiness, it doesn't really taste like a typical Bordeaux blend, although that's not a bad thing. Overall it's soft and easy-drinking, and it has it's own, unique character.

Rouge 2006
Franschhoek, South Africa
The Wine Society


  1. Hi - we've bought this wine from the Wine Society for our wedding next year, so very good to read your comments, hopefully our guests will agree.

    We were also lucky enough to taste a lot of Chamonix when we were in Franschoek - they do a several other lovely wines (at distressingly low privces if you're buying in rands) which are hard to get hold of here. We've laid down their Cab Sauvignon.

    Good blog - will try to remember to come back.

    If you haven't already tried these, we recommend from the Wine Soc:

    either of the Dona Paulina reds for super value

    the Chateau Courac (Cotes du Rhone) at about £7.50.

  2. Hi Jenny & Ian,

    Thanks for your kind comments and those recommendations- I'll put them in my Wine Society wish list and try them out in the future. The Dona Paulina ones sure have a lot of positive reviews by other members...

    And yes, please do come back..:-)