Sunday, November 29, 2009

Gabriel Meffre 'Les Grands Cypres' Vacqueyras 2007

I've been enjoying a lot of Rhone wines recently. I think between the high quality of the 2007 Rhone vintage (especially the south) and the poor quality of the 2007 Bordeaux vintage I'm seeing more of the former that I'd find worth buying on store shelves these days and less of the latter.

Vacqueyras is an appellation in the Southern Rhone, neighbouring Chateauneuf-du-Pape and Gigondas. The primary grape used here Grenache, followed by Syrah, and other typical Rhone varieties such Mouvedre, Cinsault, etc.

This wine is on an introductory offer at Waitrose for £7.59 until December 1st when it will sell for is regular price of £12.34. I was expecting a lot from it, being the 2007 vintage and also the product of Waitrose's excellent buying team.

It's a fairly robust wine. I found it very 'soft and round', also with some tannin to it. It seemed to be lacking something though - perhaps some mid-palate character. It also had a bit of a short finish I thought. Overall I was slightly disappointed, but perhaps I'm being harsh - I was mentally comparing it to another Southern Rhone Waitrose wine which is a favourite of mine and hard to beat at this price point.

'Les Grands Cypres' Vacqueyras 2007
Vacqueyras AC, Rhone, France
Waitrose Wine Direct
£7.59 (£12.34)

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