Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Macatela Blanco, Airen, Spain, 2007

Abel and Cole made a mistake with some bread in my order a few weeks back and very generously offered to send a free bottle of wine in compensation. Being Abel and Cole, this would be an organic product...

The wine comes from the Castilla La Mancha area of southern Spain, a positive furnace producing lots of wine of varying quality. This wine goes for £5.50, cheap for an organic product, so I was not expecting fireworks.

Given the heat of the area, I was surprised by how light this wine was. The nose is subtle with some fruits and pear drops and while the taste is rather tart, its fairly crisp. Nothing too complex, and not offensive either. Drinkable is the conclusion.

Bodega Hermanos Delgado
Airen, Castilla La Mancha, Spain
Abel and Cole

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