Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Denbies Vineyard Select Greenfields Cuvee 2002

Sparkling wine is supposed to be THE wine to look out for from English vineyards. The cool climate is ideal for a neutral acidic character that forms a good base for sparkling wines.

This offering from Denbies Vineyard in Surrey uses the so called Methode Traditionelle with secondary fermentation in the bottle. Comprised of Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay, the 2004 vintage has won a number of awards so hopes were high when I tried this 2002.

The mousse on this in not especially fine and the colour is a light greeny gold. On the nose on this wine is very appealing. Notes of honey, grass and even that sought after 'biscuitiness'. Some of this comes through in a pleasant digestive biscuit taste initially, although it is to some extent spoiled by a sour vegetal finish. The wine itself is very dry and is pretty drinkable. Not too bad at all, although I cant help thinking the finish was not so great.

The 2004 is listed as £22 on the Denbies site, I got this 2002 for around £16 direct from the wine estate. Waitrose has the 2004 on at just above £15 at the moment so I am not sure why it is listed so costly at Denbies.

Greenfields Cuvee Vineyard Select
Surrey, England
Waitrose (2004)

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