Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Samos Grand Cru Esodeias 2007

Samos (Greece) is one of the world's great sweet wine regions... trust me. These wines are only made by the Samos cooperative and are Muscat driven. This wine is a classic example of how delicious the wines from this island can be.

The wine is deep honey golden, almost orange. There are raisons, fruit cake and honey on the nose and an even more complex palate. Here peaches, raisons and fruit cake dominate, along with a well balanced acidity.

This is apparently what is to be expected of these wines when young, but if you have the patience, these wines (coming in different grades) can be aged sometimes up to a hundred years.

I got this in Greece, and there it is readily available for under a tenner. If you go there, bring some back. It might also be available here online but would take searching out.

Samos, Greece

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