Saturday, December 26, 2009

Chateau Grand-Jour Cotes de Bourg 2007

I haven't bought one of these half price Tesco clarets in a while, and after the first sip I remembered why.

This was an impulse buy from my local Tesco 'Metro' while I was on a milk run. I was having steak for dinner and saw this for £6 (from £12.48) so figured 'why not'? Why not is because it's not any good. It's dilute, boring, and overpriced, even at £6. It's also a 2007 which wasn't a great vintage. I haven't tried any other vintages of this wine, so I don't know if that is to blame or not. Either way, steer clear.

Chateau Grand-Jour
Cotes de Bourg AOC 2007
Bordeaux, France
£6 (£12.48)


  1. Oh dear ! I was given a bottle of of Chateau Grand Jour, Cotes de Bourg 2000....agh.... Is this a poisoned chalice ? I will pluck up courage, maybe next week !

  2. Did pluck up courage - YES a poison chalice indeed ! Down the sink was the best place for it to clear the drains ! I agree steer well clear.

  3. Hi june

    I was wondering if yours might be ok since 2000 was a good vintage. I guess not!

    Thanks for reading :)

  4. I was given a 2008...I wasn't going to drink it...but now...that is a certainty!!!

  5. Put it away, forget about it for 10 years.

  6. I had a bottle last Sunday which was given to me by a customer at xmas. really enjoyed its smooth fruity much so if I can locate any I will buy some.

  7. We were tempted by the 'half price' tag at Tescos too. UGH! Not worth two quid from Aldi never mind twelve. We opened 2 bottles with friends and were embarassed to serve such bilge. Tesco absolutely not to be trusted - a rip-off.