Friday, December 18, 2009

The Society's Exhibition Viejo Oloroso Sherry

At a recent Wine Society tasting I tried the 'Dulce' (literally 'sweet') version of this wine, which is a blend of PX and Oloroso sherries, not unlike a cream sherry. I asked what the difference between this 'Dulce' blend and a cream sherry was, and the answer was something to do with the ratio of the blend - I think a greater proportion of PX sherry goes into cream sherry. I wish I could be more precise, but it was the end of the tasting where everyone converges on the sweet wine table, and the guy pouring was busy trying to answer my questions while pouring sherry for pretty much the entire room.

Anyway, this the dry version of the wine. It is an old, aged wine, and is very concentrated and syrupy, but without any cloying sweetness. Typical flavours of nuts, but also some caramel and dark toffee - odd in a way without the sweetness, but good. I drank this mostly on its own, but I think it would be better with some sort of hard, mature cheese, after a meal.

This was made for The Wine Society by Sanchez Romate.

Exhibtition Viejo Oloroso Sherry
Jerez, Spain

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