Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sainsbury's Manzanilla Superior Sherry

I think this is probably more what I was expecting from a Manzanilla than this. This is light, fresh tasting and 15% alcohol.

It's always worth checking the label on supermarket own-label wines. This is produced by Lustau (a bit of a recurring theme I know), who pretty much always deliver quality Sherry. Lustau doesn't do all of Sainbury's own-label Sherry, but the ones they do that I've tried have always been very good.

This is a bargain at only £5.99. It also has a Decanter World Wine Awards silver medal, which is a good indicator of quality.

I personally prefer Amontillado/Oloroso style sherries, but this is a fine example of the lighter, flor-developed style for a great price.

UPDATE: This is really growing on me. Had another bottle of it last week, and I'm really starting to appreciate it, especially for that price. Upgrade to a 3.5.

Manzanilla Superior Sherry
SanlĂșcar de Barrameda, Spain


  1. Nice blog. Thanks for sharing the Sainsbury's Manzanilla Superior Sherry review. Would try it. Hope it tastes well with sushi.

  2. Hi Hampers,

    Never tried Sherry with sushi - however my favourite match for sushi is German Riesling - it's perfect!