Friday, February 26, 2010

Brown Brothers Tarrango 2008

My brother-in-law brought this over last night, and said it's his wife's favourite wine. It's a red, and is to be served chilled. It was about £5 (on offer) from Waitrose.

I think Brown Brothers may be a bit looked-down-on in Australia, or by Australians (need to check with Random Aussie Bloke). They market some cheap and cheerful wines here in the UK (one of which I've enjoyed before), and perhaps they don't exactly project a premium wine image.

Who cares. This stuff is really enjoyable. It's like cherry juice. Better not get carried away, it's 13% alcohol, which you'll be feeling right away. My only criticism is this - if I want something light, chilled and refreshing, I'd go for a white or a rosé. Why bother with a red?

Tarrango 2008
Victoria, Australia
£4.42 (25% off)

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  1. Yes, well, too Ribena like for me but it did get drunk. A 2.5 for me.