Friday, February 26, 2010

Sacred Hill Sauvignon Blanc 2008

I'm trying some supermarket Sauvignon Blanc lately. I've missed it to be honest, after avoiding it for a good year or so. I like the versatility and zestiness of it - it makes a great aperitif, and is a good match for salady/veggy type food.

I know nothing about Sacred Hill - except that two other wines of theirs (a Gimblett Gravels Syrah and a Chardonnay) are placed in the 'fine wine' section of my local Sainsbury's. The prices are still low (under £10), but someone must think they're fancy.

This is 1/3 off at the moment (£6.65 from £9.99), and I think it's pretty good. Good zesty acidity and fruit. Would I pay a tenner for it? No way. There has been some concern recently about the de-valuing of Kiwi Sauvignon Blanc, but I confess I don't lose any sleep over it. I like it, but I don't think stuff like this is worth £10 a bottle. The supermarket stuff is all starting to taste the same to me. It's a simple wine, and if I'm going to pay £10 and over I expect depth and complexity, which is something this doesn't have.

Sauvignon Blanc 2008
Marlborough, New Zealand
£6.65 (£9.99)


  1. I think to expect 'depth and complexity' even at the £10 price point for NZ wines is expecting a lot. This wine competes well alongside other Kiwi sauvignon blancs around the £7-10 mark and if you were to buy it in NZ you would actually pay a lot more given their horrendous taxes on alcohol.

  2. Oh I don't know...perhaps you're right if we're talking about Sauvignon Blanc. Other NZ wines, such as Spy Valley Riesling 2007 ( and Waimea Estate Pinot Gris ( are a couple around the £10 mark that contain depth and complexity. Perhaps it's not the norm, but it's certainly obtainable, and these are the wines that I'd rather spend my money on...

  3. Try Using Blanc as described by Sam Kim, Senior Wine Judge & Author of Wine Orbit: “Predominantly from the Turner family vineyard in the Blind River district. This is a gorgeous Sauvignon Blanc showing lifted aromas of currant, grapefruit and herbs. The palate is juicy and lively with a nicely weighted mid palate and a lingering crisp finish. This Sauvignon Blanc wine has plenty of zing and intensity making it an immensely delicious Sauvignon Blanc wine without being overly aggressive. This Sauvignon blanc wine is at its best now up until 2012.”

  4. Also try, Chalice Bridge Estate Range Margaret River 2008 Semillon Sauvignon Blanc

    Estate Range, 5 star rated James Halliday winery 2011. Best of the best Margaret River Wineries. 4 star May/June 09 Winestate Magazine. Reviewed by Huon Hooke rated 89/100. This superb Australian White wine was “best value” buy in 2008, 92 pts James Halliday July 2009. The Chalice Bridge Estate Range Margaret River 2008 Semillon Sauvignon Blanc a white wine of Australia has Flavours of grapefruit, guava, apple, cut grass and finishing fresh and clean. A fantastic white wine from Australia.