Thursday, March 11, 2010

Jacob's Creek Riesling 2008

I guess it's either informed or snobby to avoid the entry-level Jacob's Creek wines. I can't say I regularly drink them, and to be honest they are getting to be a price where they have to start performing a bit better. The regular price of this is £6.99, which is my bread-and-butter price range. You can get some very nice wines in this range if you know what you're doing and take advantage of special offers.

Of course I didn't pay £6.99, I paid £5.19 (it's a big difference, price point-wise believe it or not). Jacob's Creek produces some good Riesling, from the award winning Reserve Riesling to the legendary Barossa Valley Steingarten Riesling. Why not try the entry-level wine? It's not too bad - it's not the type of Riesling that I love, but it's appley and crisp. It approaches plonk as it warms up in the glass though - you may want to keep it numb.

Not worth £7, but not too bad for a fiver.

Riesling 2008
South Eastern Australia
£5.19 (£6.99)

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  1. Thanks for sharing the review of Jacob's Creek Riesling 2008. Wish give it a try tomorrow and see if it tastes well