Saturday, March 13, 2010

Peter Lehmann Wigan Riesling 2003

A while ago, after I disapproved of one of their Chenin Blancs, a Peter Lehman winemaker suggested I try their Rieslings. I finally found one at Oddbins that looked like it was worth trying. It was heavily discounted - it was around £11 but normally went for about £16 (which seems overpriced to me).

It is a lovely wine indeed, and everything a good Eden Valley Riesling should be. It's citrus and petrol on the nose, and all minerals, lemon and a touch of kerosene on the palate, with good acidity. Delicious stuff - I need to work out the best food match for Aussie Rieslings, any suggestions?

Wigan Riesling 2003
Eden Valley, Australia


  1. Sauerkraut with blood and liver sausage!!!

  2. One of the finest seafood matches with Riesling is Crab.