Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Maycas del Limari Syrah 2007

If anyone's disappointed with the premature end of the Sainsbury's Taste the Difference sale, then perhaps there's an alternative. This great value Chilean Syrah is on offer as well.

Again, I can't be too accurate with the price, as I have this bad (or good) habit of throwing out junk, including receipts. I can't stand clutter, and I always figure I can just look up the price online. But this was from my Sainsbury's fine wine section, and it's not available online, nor does it appear on any of the supermarket offer sites.

It's normally somewhere between £8 and £9 at various places, but it was on for £6-something at my Sainsbury's. It's also currently on for 18% off at Tesco online, where it's also apparently a 'non-vintage' wine. Come on Tesco - how hard is this?

Various wine writers were recommending this as far back as 2008, and I can see why. It has good structure, intense flavour and a nice, long complex finish. A bit of chocolate and mint character for those who need notes. Syrah from the Limari Valley (and Elqui Valley) are impressive and affordable. This bottle would have been good value at full price, never mind the discount.

UPDATE: It's on for £6.74 and is regularly £8.99.

Limari Valley, Chile
£6.74 (£8.99)


  1. Tim...don't be too hard on Tesco...I mean...if the vintage is not on the front could they know?(smile)

  2. Checking is on the label....but it's vertical...and someone would have gotten neck-ache seeing it(another smile)

  3. Hi Barry,

    I guess I shouldn't complain, with not having the price and all that myself (since fixed). But let's see if they are paying attention...Waitrose is..:-)


  4. Hi Tim
    Nice to see you finally got around to trying this - I recommended it to you in August last year if you remember. Really pleased to see you agree with my assessment - I had a feeling you'd like it. Lovely stuff.

  5. Hi Tony,

    Yes it rings a bell, but for the life of me I can't find your comment. I've searched the blog and my email and I can't find it.

    Did you suggest it from Tesco? I may not have tried it because I moved offices and didn't have a Tesco nearby anymore, and I didn't realize my Sainsbury's sold it until I noticed this offer (goes to show you what gets my attention eh?)

    Either way it was a great recommendation. I went back to Sainsbury's and bought the remaining bottles (all 3 of them).

  6. I did recommend from Tesco at the time (via email). I saw in Oddbins yesterday that they are selling the 2009 vintage too, for £9.99.

  7. Typical - recommends a wine then clears the shelves. I've just gone to the Dalston Sainsbury's - none there, of course. They have got a couple of riojas at half price - one from £12 to £5.99 - I was going to buy it but the queues were too long so I gave up. So now on a Chatneuf du Pape my wife found at Costco - 2007 year and a good year so I should probably have kept it. It's nice.

  8. Tony: have you tried anything other than the 2007? If so, is it pretty consistent?

    Marc: Well, you know I try my best...:-) The selection at Sainsury's seem to be a bit random, mine has this special section with fancier wines in it, and they never appear online. Not sure how common it is across all their stores. Don't blame you for not keeping the Chateauneuf du Pape - I like big, young wines that have an edge to them. That and unless you buy a case of something, it's a bit tedious to age single bottles you buy from the supermarket.

  9. I'm afraid I've only ever tried the 2007 so far, Tim.

  10. Tony:

    Just re-read your email. You mentioned the Maycas del Limari Sauvignon Blanc as well, and that's on offer at Sainsbury's too. I just bought one yesterday and will probably have it tonight. I wish I (re)read the email earlier - you said it's nothing special. I was hoping (for once) it would be a good Chilean Sauvignon Blanc!