Friday, April 9, 2010

Chateau Simard St. Emilion 1995

A rare indulgence here. A 15-year old St. Emilion from Sainsbury's. I've mentioned it before, but my Sainsbury's has a 'fine wine' section, and I trust it - they have pretty good stuff in there. We decided to splash out on this - it was a good vintage and it was affordable (in a special occasion sense).

I was actually a bit hesitant when it came to opening it - I thought it might be over the hill or disappointing. My fears were unfounded though - I thought this was in really good shape for a 15-year old wine. Only just starting to turn brown, it had a good core of fruit and was actually quite fresh. I will say it has quite a strong cedar character - is that something you either like or dislike? I always notice it - and I'm not sure it's my favourite Bordeaux characteristic, at least not if it's dominant.

Anyway, it's drinking quite well, so if you like right-bank claret with bottle-age maybe you should check this out.

Chateau Simard
St. Emilion 1995

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  1. Just bought it from Sainsbury's on offer for a few more days at £14.95- less another 5% if you bought more than 6. Can't be bad!