Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Society's Corbieres

The Wine Society's own-label Corbieres is apparently a favourite with both Wine Society customers and buyers alike. In two separate advertising supplements (member's favourites and buyer's favourites), this wine featured prominently. It's main attraction seems to be value, obviously something that will get my attention.

I messed up again and threw out the bottle before taking note of the vintage (annoyingly, both the Wine Society website and the order confirmation email they sent don't specify the current vintage).

So...in all honestly I didn't really like the wine. It's OK - fruity and whatnot, but for me it's the wrong kind of fruit - raspberry and currants, along with a bit of bramble or hedge or 'garrigue' character, not something I'm really fond of. It's not surprising, reds from the South of France aren't usually my thing. For £6.95 it's not a massive bargain- there a lot of other wines I'd rather drink at that price, but I think this one's down to personal preference.

The Society's Corbieres
Corbieres, Languedoc-Roussillon, France
The Wine Society

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