Saturday, October 2, 2010

Chateau Liversan Haut-Médoc 2007

Someone recommended this - was it you Marc? Anyway I grabbed one while it was still on offer in the Waitrose French Wine showcase.

Despite the dodgy vintage it's a pretty good wine. To be honest it would hold its own against wines twice the price. Our tasting club recent did a Bordeaux tasting, and several of the £25 bottles just weren't that exciting. Tom reckoned that Haut-Medoc is the best left-bank appellation if you want a bargain. Recommended.

Chateau Liversan
Haut Médoc 2007
Bordeaux, France
£8.99 (£11.99)


  1. I recently had a 2000 Liversan and found it fantastic - 2000 was a great vintage and this wine tends to be a bargain in general. If you made this a Paulliac (which it is in fact just a few km from) it would probably double the price...

  2. No wasn't me Tim. Wouldn't a 2007 of this one be better in a few years?

    I'm currently in a Sardinian phase - we've a friend who imports wine, cheese and other stuff from there. Corash and Maimone reds have gone down well.

  3. We have just enjoyed the 2007 so much that we ordered 24 bottles from waitrose direct. However 2008 arrived as 2007 all finished. Anyone tried this?