Thursday, October 7, 2010

Peter Lehmann Back to Back Grenache 2006

I felt like drinking some Grenache the other day, after a friend of mine and I were talking about it at lunch. It's one of his favourite wines and when I was in Waitrose later in the day I noticed they had a couple on offer. They were different enough from each other that it warranted buying both and trying them at the same time.

This Peter Lehmann wine is Australian and has some bottle age, while the other one was Spanish and quite young - an interesting contrast I thought.

The Back to Back tasted like a Peter Lehmann red. It reminded me of the Clancy's blend. Reddish-brown in colour, tomato character on the nose and palate, and I thought a bit past its best. Some sourness, but also some hints at the powerful fruit it possessed at some point. If you read the Clancy's post, I praise the wine, but in truth I bought some a few months after that post and I thought it was over the hill. I feel similar about this - what would it taste like a couple of years younger?

Back to Back Grenache 2006
Barossa Valley, South Australia
£5.59 (£6.99)

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