Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sainsbury's 'House' Chianti 2009

My brother-in-law came home with a bottle of this the other night. I had a small taste of it, and there didn't seem to be anything wrong with it, although it was the night we were drinking Grenache most of the evening, so the old palate may have been a bit muddled.

I bought another bottle of it yesterday to re-try. We drink a lot of Chianti as an everyday food wine (usually Piccini half-price stuff), so I thought this was worth checking out.

It's not quite the brilliant under £5 miracle I was hoping for. It's very acidic, and has a lot of green, unripe character to it. It still tastes like a Chianti though, and would probably do in a pinch, and then only with food.

'House' Chianti 2009
DOCG Chianti, Tuscany, Italy


  1. Went up to Sainsbury's Dalston today for a look see and came back with two bottles of champagne - there's a two bottle for £25 offer at the moment on stuff costing up to £30 a bottle (yeah, right). First bottle went down OK though (wife's birthday).

  2. Marc,

    I'm waiting for the Christmas specials to come out. Last year I bought a case of vintage Duval-Leroy 2004 for £15/bottle (half price) from Waitrose. It is really good stuff as well. I'm hoping there will be similar deals this year...:-)

  3. Thanks - I'll look out for that.

    Other recent buys - waiting for a Chinese takeaway I was talked into buying these two at £8.99 each at Oddbins as they were chilled:

    Prosecco Bernardi Frizzante - light, dry and good
    Grüner Veltliner 'Groovey' Salomon - an Austrian white wine - also dry and good.

  4. Marc,

    Can you email me? Email address is

  5. Intrigued by your comment on "Piccini half-price stuff". Isn't it the case that really, the Piccini is only WORTH the half-price? Anyone paying full-whack is bound to be disappointed. And it's not the only Sainsbury wine like that, either - there are several (Roc de Lussac, anyone?) which are frequently offered at half-price, but are never really worth the supposed proper price. It's like buying DFS sofas...

    There's a whole post on this at